[Oneshot] Fate

Title : Fate
Pairing : Eunhae
Rating : PG
Genre : AU
Summary : You didn't even know what just you did. What just happened. All you knew, there was a knife in your hand and much blood. On the floor, on the bed, and in your hand. You perplexed. Looked for some clues. Searched for some explanations about what in the world just happened. But you just couldn't find any reply. Your thoughts running back a few hours ago.
Note : Sorry for confusing plot. Anyway, it's still my amateur work. Hope I can be better for the next one. I posted it earlier at my personal blog when I haven't make livejournal account.

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First Post!

Title : The Different World
Pairing(s) : EunHae, HanChul
Rating: PG
Summary : Donghae was an ordinary highschool boys. He really loved to read. Even he wanted to be there, in the novel world. Then someday, it happened. He really there. Literally.
Notes : English not my native language, so please understand my simple grammar. Not beta'd. You'll find much wrong grammars and maybe misspelled vocabs.

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