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[Chaptered] Unexpected Plot of My Life

Title : Unexpected Plot of My Life (2/10)
Genre : Highschool!AU
Rating : PG-13
Characters : Super Junior, Donghae-centric
Summary : 'Maybe I made a wrong choice entering this school'

“Congratulation guys. Students who got chosen to be one of us is a very special person,” Leeteuk emphasized the word ‘very special’. He looked at us one by one. Seemed like he evaluate our appearances.

“You’ll get special rights here and of course, special duties,” he continued his explanation.

Ergh special duties? I don’t even want to join any club here. But I have to do special duties now? Just kill me. Donghae again and again grumbling in his mind.

“Really, Donghae-ssi? I can kill you right now if that’s really what you want,” Heechul suddenly speak to Donghae. Not forgotten to show his infamous smirk.

“W-what?” Donghae startled. How come this pretty guy knew it? Did he read my mind?

“I know I’m beautiful, Donghae-ssi. Now shut up and listen to our explanation. We don’t have much time left,” again, Heechul replied Donghae’s mind. The other new special students watched all the scenes with a startling expression shown in their faces. Not knowing what actually happened between those two.

“Alright guys. Now follow me. We need to show you something. This way, please,” Leeteuk guided them walking outside the auditorium. But instead of passed the front door, they walked outside from the back door.

While proceed to somewhere they didn’t know, Siwon approached Donghae and walked side by side to him. “Hey, what did Heechul-ssi mean? I didn’t even hear a single word came from you but he said to shut your mouth up. I really didn’t understand,” Siwon whispered to Donghae. Felt curious about the previous scenes he witnessed.

“I don’t know man. It’s just... I only thought it in my mind. Or did I accidentally mumble it?” Donghae still shocked.

“I was standing next to you, Donghae-ssi. I’m sure it would be heard if you said that. But the only thing I could hear is that Leeteuk’s words,” Siwon frowned his thick eyebrows and crossed his arm. “Did he read your mind?”

“Well that was I think earlier. But how could someone read other’s mind? It’s unbelievable,”

“Guys! This is where you’ll learn all your special lesson. Please come in,” Leeteuk gestured his hand invited us to entered the room.
It was a soundproof room. In the corner there were some musical instruments. Guitars, drums, keyboard, they even have saxophone there. The room quite large. It could occupy by 30 people at least.

This? So we recruited to be a band members? Special duties huh? Special? Ch. Donghae walked around the room and touched some of the instrument.

“Don’t touch it!” suddenly Leeteuk yelled to Donghae. The startled Donghae abruptly stopped his hand from touching the instrument.

“S-sorry, Leeteuk-ssi.”

“Emm well, that’s... sorry to surprised you. It’s just, those are our special instruments. We don’t want something happened with those things, right?” Leeteuk’s reason seemed too fake.

Special instrument? God help. How many times I should hear another ‘special’ words.

“I heard that, Donghae-ssi,” Heeechul who leaned his back on the corner said.

“Heard what?” Donghae felt all of this seemed like bullshits. He felt deceived by all his senior’s acts.

“Special instrument? God help. How many times I should hear another ‘special’ words. Am I wrong, Donghae-ssi?” Heechul repeated exactly what Donghae’s thought with a pretended high-pitched voice.

Siwon, Kyuhyun, and Hyukjae looked at Donghae then to Heechul with a perplexed looked. Another weird scene.

“W-well,” Donghae couldn’t continue his words. His mouth hanged down showing his shock.

Heechul smirk showed up again in his face. “Be careful, kid,” Heechul said with a scoff tone.

“So! May I have your attention guys?” Leeteuk broke the awkward situation. “You’ll have to be here every odd date after school. There’ll be some kind of training. The lessons start tomorrow. Be on time! We don’t like any lazy ass here. Now you can go back to your dorm. If you have any questions, don’t be shy to ask us. Me and Heechul will gladly explain to you,” followed with Heechul’s tsk and Leeteuk death glare to him. “I’m in 305 and Heechul in 311. But we don’t accept any questions in class. Get it guys?” the freshmen nodded their head. Actually there were still a lot of questions in their head.


Donghae threw his body to bed. Hand folded behind his head. His mind thinking back to the whole things happened before. There’s seriously something weird with this school. Wait no. It isn’t the school. Seemed the center of these weirdness only around that ‘special students’. I need to talk with my parents. Donghae then stood up and walked towards his desk where he kept his phone in the locker. When he was just going to open the locker, suddenly the door creaked open. There stood Hyukjae with his luggages.

“Hyukjae? You’re my roommate?” Donghae startled. His forefinger hanged in the air pointed to Hyukjae.

“Your brain seems a little bit off huh? What else will I do here except being your roommate. You think I’ll come here only to meet my special friend? As if,” Hyukjae scoffed. He walked toward Donghae’s bed and started to unpack his luggage.

“Wait! That’s my bed!” Donghae glared at Hyukjae.

“Is that so? Well it will be mine now,” without so much concern Hyukjae continued to unpack his luggage. It looked so messy now.
What did I do in my previous life that I have to go through all of this, God? Seriously I must be cursed. Donghae couldn’t do anything but stood still.

“Well then. Nice to see you my roommate,” Hyukjae smirked while offering his hand for handshake.

“Ch. I can’t wait for the graduation day,” Donghae gave a death glare to his Hyukjae.

“Excuse me? Is Lee Donghae here?” suddenly a spectacled boy showed up in their door.

“Yes?” Donghae turned his head to the voice source. He recognized the spectacled boy as one of the special students.

“The principal wants to meet you. Please follow me,” then the spectacled boy walked, didn’t wait for Donghae’s reaction.
“Me? What? Wait!” Donghae ran so he could catch up the boy.

“I’m Kim Yesung. Congratulation for being the special student, Donghae-ssi,” Yesung talked in a flat tone without looking at Donghae. His sight fixed straight to the hallway.

All the way to the principal office there wasn’t a single word came from both of them. “Err... Why the principal called me?” Donghae tried to break the silence.

“Don’t know,” was the only answer Yesung gave. Great answer, Yesung-ssi. Donghae felt ignored.

They passed some rooms before ended up in the end of the main building. There stood a huge double glass doors. The placard said ‘Principal Office’.

“So... this?” Donghae just going to asked Yesung when he realized that Yesung has already gone. “Yesung-ssi?” Donghae called trying to find him but there’s no one.

“Lee Donghae-ssi? Please come,” suddenly a husky voice heard from inside the room. Donghae hesitated opening the door. “Sit there,” he then sat on the chair across the principal’s desk.

“You want to talk with me, Sir?” Donghae faced the husky voice owner. He was the old man who giving speech in the opening ceremony. He still drunk. Clearly shown from his half lidded eyes. What kind of principal he is.

“Yeah I do. First, I’m not drunk,” the statement gave Donghae shock, “And second, congratulation for being one of the special students.” The principal put his hand on the desk and rested his chin on his hand.

“You must be thinking this is a weird school, right? Well, it is. But you gonna enjoy the weirdness here,” the principal gave a mysterious smile. “Had Leeteuk and Heechul tell you about your special duties and stuff?”

“Yes, Sir. But I don’t understand what that means,” Donghae replied.

“Of course you don’t. Wait no. You haven’t. You’ll know it soon, Donghae-ssi. Now, I’d like to tell you that you can’t escape from the fate. It’s your destiny to be guided here and to be chosen as the special students. Thus, I hope you’ll understand all the duties, the risks, and of course the rights you’ll have.” The silence came deafen.

“Great! That’s all,” suddenly the principal returned to his drunken state and clapped his hands. “You can go back to your dorm. And one advice for you, don’t choose the fish filet in the cafeteria. It’s the worst,” the principal gave a throw up face.

Fate? Destiny? Risks? Fish filet? I need to find a psychiatrist.


pstscrpt : thats it! second chapter. actually i made it for somekind of fanfic contest. and yes. i failed :( so here i am back again throwing this failed project to livejournal. sorry pals giving you this kind of lame fic. comment will be loved ofkorss :D
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