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[Chaptered] Unexpected Plot of My Life

Title : Unexpected Plot of My Life (1/10)
Genre : Highschool!AU
Rating : PG-13
Characters : Super Junior, Donghae-centric
Summary : 'Maybe I made a wrong choice entering this school'
A/N : a fail project. actually deserves to throw away to trash. just forgive me pals

“Mom, pleasee... You can’t be serious about this,” Donghae kept nagging to his mom. Hoping if he continuously did that his mom would change her mind.

“I’ve told you, Hae. This is the best for you. We’ve discussed it million times. Right, Honey?” Mrs. Lee turned her head towards the couch where his husband lazily flipped the newspaper.

“Right, Hae. You haven’t know how it feels. Just do it first. I promised it would be amazing,” what his dad said didn’t make Donghae sure enough. “Now eat your lunch. Your mom made a really delicious chicken soup.”

Donghae abruptly turn his direction to his room. He lost his appetite then tossed his school bag without so much concern. He didn’t like this whole idea.


And here he was. Sitting without any enthusiasm, acted busy with his phone, on the way to his future amazing school. That was his parents said.

He could see it from afar. It was a really huge building. Buildings to be exact. Because as much as Donghae’s concern, he counted there at least three huge building in that area. It surrounded the vast green field. Maybe usually used for soccer or something. In the north of the gate, the main old building stood. It’s the typical of old school with a lot of windows and wooden wall. Then the east side, there’s a smaller third floor building that looked a little bit more modern. The front gate of the building written ‘Boys Dorm’. The last huge building is the west building that written ‘Girls Dorm’ in the gate. It looked approximately like the boys dorm. The difference was it seemed more sophisticated with the glass door and whatnot. The rest was some unnamed buildings around those three.

“See? It isn’t that bad right, Hae?” Mrs. Lee proudly explained each one of the buildings. But Donghae, still pissed with his parent’s plan didn’t hear a single word his mom said. He busily texted with his best friend, Kibum.

“Yah, Kid! You didn’t hear me, huh?” finally his mom realized that Donghae didn’t give any attention to her speech.

“I heard it, Mom! Something about great dorm, nice room, kind friends, blablabla,” Donghae still focused on his phone.

“Whatever, Kid. Hopefully you’ll change after this whole three years in this school,” his mom gave up to told any other things to Donghae.

The car stopped in front of the main gate. His mom and dad dropped all of Donghae’s luggage. Gave him a goodbye kiss, some boring advices, and then left him alone there.

“Aiiish! What should I do now? It’s clearly impossible to escape,” in the middle of his mumbling, a cute guy with pink outfit approached him.

“Hey! You’re freshmen too? Nice too see you! I’m Lee Sungmin. Just call me Sungmin,” the pinky guy continuously speak while offering his hand for handshake.

“Err well, yeah, I’m Lee Donghae. N-nice to see you too,” Donghae stuttered replying the question.

“Are you waiting for someone? If you’re not, let’s get going. We need to unpack our luggage before the opening ceremony,” Sungmin walked ahead of Donghae while carried his luggages which surprised Donghae that all this guy’s stuff colored pink. Ewh.

They opened the front gate of Boys Dorm. There was no one in the hallway. Only a small desk with a weird thin guy sitting behind it.

“Err hi. Excuse me. We’re freshmen here. Could you please tell us which room we are? I’m Lee Sungmin and this is Lee Donghae,” Sungmin represented them asking to the so called receptionist.

“Lee Sungmin 203, Lee Donghae 213. You, second floor, turn left on the left side. And you, second floor, turn right, left side,” the receptionist coldly told Sungmin then Donghae while appointed his forefinger lazily.

“What a pity. We don’t get the same room, Hae. You okay?” Sungmin pouted his mouth looked very disappointed and tapped Donghae’s shoulder.

What’s with this guy? I don’t even know him. That’s what Donghae thought giving Sungmin a weird looked.

“F-fine. Just, take your luggages. You said we have an opening ceremony after this, right?”

“Oh yeah you right! Okay then. Bye, Hae!” Sungmin waved his hand frantically. Ergh don’t ‘Hae’ me you, freak.


Much to Donghae’s surprise, the room didn’t look that bad. It has two comfy bed, two desks, two cabinets, and a bathroom. So, there’ll be a roommate here. But it seemed his roommate hasn’t come yet looking that no other luggage except his.

Donghae quickly unpacked his stuff and arrange it in the right place. But his mind still cursing his fate that he has to study far away from his parents in a boarding school. It’s high school, people. The time when you get the most of your freedom. Instead of freedom, he got a really nice dorm with an unknown roommate. What a life. Donghae think sarcastically.

Finishing his arrangement, he walked down to the hallway while checking the dorm appearances. There’s a kitchen in his floor, complete with some necessities like pan, kettle, and some others. He also found a room with huge bookshelves filled with tons title of books. Wow this is no kidding. How much money did my parents pay to send me here? Donghae glanced at his watch and knowing that he didn’t have much time, he ran to the main building.
In the auditorium, a lot of students chit chatting with the others. Donghae perplexed looking at how much students sitting there. What... How much students exactly here? This must be a really well known school. But how come I never heard it from my old friends? Donghae thought while looking for an empty seat. Then he heard someone called his name.

“Hae! Here!” Errgh that pink guy again. Donghae walked towards him giving an awkward smile. “Hae, this is Ryeowook. Wook, this is Donghae,” with a cheerful voice, Sungmin introduce both of them.

Cut the crap, freak was Donghae said in his mind. But he acted so nice―and fake― giving a friendly handshake to Ryewook.

“Students! Welcome to Neul-Paran High school!” an old man greet them from the podium. He didn’t drunk, did he? Donghae doubted the man’s consciousness. He seemed a little bit off his mind with his perplexed eyes and red face.
The opening ceremony went fast. Before it closed, some of the students with special uniform stood up and walked to the stage.

“That’s the special recruited students. No one knows what the criteria are. But the important point is, you rule the school if you got in there. See that brunette guy over there? That’s the president. His name’s Park Leeteuk. He looked cute right with his dimple?” Sungmin explained to his new friends without them asking him. Cute? He’s a total freak. Donghae frowned his brows. “And the one who looked beautiful there, he’s a he. Too beautiful for a guy right? That’s Kim Heechul. He’s the vice president.”

Donghae crossed his arm in front of his chest. He didn’t pay much attention to Sungmin’s explanation. He didn’t care what those students did. He only wanted to graduate as soon as possible and get the hell out of there.

“The name that we mention here, please stay after the opening ceremony,” the Leeteuk guy said from the podium. Ergh what now? An initiation to be one of them? I pity the students who get mention.

Lee Hyukjae, Cho Kyuhyun, Choi Siwon. The rest of you, please leave immediately. Thank you,”

Thanks God. I’m not one of those losers. Donghae stood up from his chair and walked towards the auditorium door. But when he hadn’t even reach the last row, another announcement heard.

“Sorry, we missed one more student. Lee Donghae? Is Lee Donghae still here? Please come to the stage immediately,” the announcement didn’t come from the Leeteuk guy whom earlier announced it. It was from the beautiful guy, Kim Heechul. He walked down from the podium and Donghae swore he could see a smirk plastered on Heechul’s face.

“Wow, Hae! That’s you! Congrats! What did you do to be accepted here? Wow, it’s amazing, Hae,” Sungmin exclaimed with his glittering eyes, congratulating Donghae.

What? Me? Being one of them? Oh, come on. What did I do? Ergh. Donghae walked limply towards the stage where all of the mentioned students gathered.

“Welcome to the club, Lee Donghae,” with a mischievous smile, Kim Heechul welcomed him.


pstscrpt : first irrational chapter. made in hurry that the ljcut having some trouble. forgive me pals :( critics are welcomed!



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