ladynikma (ladynikma) wrote,

[Personal Thoughts] Writer's Block?

well, i got this kind of lazy feelings. i lost my mood to write fics. GAH! hate this!
actually i have lots of basic ideas in my mind, but i just dont have the longing to write it. blame my laziness.
i realize i'm the type who can make 'something', projects like fanfics and others, mostly under pressure. like when i have my final exams, i have more longing and more spirit to write those down. but when i have muuucch spare time like now, i cant get the mood.
i even lost my passion to read fanfics. only read. this is an utterly worst condition for me. i rarely touch my notebook to write and read fanfics, worse, i also feel lazy to watch all my videos. that's... so not me actually.
maybe i have to find another 'pressure' to take back my mood again. should i study first so i can felt the stress from it? hah!
lastly, sorry for my readers, making you wait. well i dont think i have much reader though. i know how amateur i am. just, sorry pals :(

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