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[Song Fic] Thoughts

Title : Thoughts
Pairing : TOP/GD
Genre : AU
Rating : PG
Summary : TOP's thoughts regarding GD and their story
Notes : inspired by Big Bang's 4th mini album. a really short drabble.

He entered the cafe. Ordered a cup of cappuccino and sat down at the corner. His mind drifting him to the plan he was going to do tonight. His heart still contemplating. Will he do this? He didn’t know what is right to do. He only wished he could do it perfectly. He wanted to show the best. It was only because one reason. He found somebody to love. It’s all because of him.

The music in the cafe changed. The intro sound familiar in his ear. Isn’t it the same old song? The old song that catch his heart the first moment he heard it from him. His mind brought him back to the first time they met. It was the usual club. Except the crowded stage. He found it rarely happened. A guy stood there with a mic on his hand. He wasn’t singing. He was rapping. He has a unique style. It wasn’t an ordinary rap. He looked drawn on the lyrics. It’s captivated his heart. All the people in the club put their hands up. Enjoying the guy’s performance. “What’s up guys? How’s your day? I’m awesomely fine! Thank you and you?” suddenly he stopped his rap and greet the audiences with his also unique way. With that one move, he know, he’s the one.


pstscrpt : the underline words is the song title. sorry for weird story. i tried really hard to connect all the title. lame i know.  this is my very first fic about big bang. i dont know much about pairing on big bang. i just randomly choose my favorurite members hahaa. anyway i made it in the middle of my school test. comments always be loved pals :)

Tags: big bang, gd, top
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