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The Different World (3/?)

Title : The Different World (3/?)
Pairing(s) : Donghae-centric, EunHae
Rating: PG
Summary : Donghae was an ordinary highschool boys. He really loved to read. Even he wanted to be there, in the novel world. Then someday, it happened. He really there. Literally.
Notes : English not my native language, so please understand my simple grammar.

“How could you know it?” Hyukjae approached Donghae soon after their first stage done, asking about the Hangeng’s problem.

“I, I err... I just know it, I think,” Donghae avoiding Hyukjae’s look.

The dress room crowded. All of the Super Junior’s members celebrate their first stage. The senior congratulated them. They all looked really happy. Even Hangeng who couldn’t perform. Heechul relieved when he looked at Hangeng’s happy face.

“Great, kids. You did a very good job. But don’t be relaxed this soon. You still have practice at two. Now pack your stuff coz we’re going back to the practice room in ten,” the Manager-hyung clapped twice. Sighed everywhere. The crowded dressing room became more spacious after they left.


Everybody has gathered at the practiced room. Different kinds of music has been played. They practiced every move from those music. Some of them has already felt tired. Not for the dance line, Hyukjae, Shindong, and Kyuhyun. They still moved their body following the rhytm. Donghae watched them from the corner. He seemed a little bit interested with their dance. He learned it quietly without realizing the glare from the leader.

“Donghae-ah,” Leeteuk called him, forced him to stop his dance. “Since when you become so good at dancing? You always suck on it. Even worse than me,” a curious look came from the leader.

“What? Ergh, that’s, I just, I just,” his stuttered reply successfully catched the others attention.

“Show me your dance, Hae,” suddenly Hyukjae spoke. It wasn’t a request, more like an order.

“Me? Seriously? You know I’m new here,” Donghae tried to escape.

“What do you mean new? We debut together. Well yeah, we know you trained only for a year. But that doesn’t count as ‘new. Show us,” Shindong folded his hand in front of his chest.

“Find, I’ll try,” Donghae walked with his hand scratching his back head.

Donghae stood in front of the mirror wall. He inhaled deeply. His eyes focused on his reflection on the mirror. ‘We are the Future’ by H.O.T. played from the tape. He moved his body. Perfectly synchronized with the rythm. The others amazed. Couldn’t believe what they saw. They utterly knew how bad Donghae’s wave is. There’s no way he could join the dance line. But the person in front of them now seemed to be a different person.

The song finished. So did Donghae’s dance. “Well, I know it’s bad. Don’t laugh at me,” Donghae turned his body just to found that pairs eyes stared at him like he was an alien. A disbelieve look.

“Guys? You okay?” Donghae frowned his brows as he saw the others froze.

“How could you... That’s amazing, Hae!” Hyukjae walked toward him and punched his shoulder.

The others clapped their hands as soon as Hyukjae hugged Donghae to congratulate him. “We should add him to dance line. Who’s with me?” said Leeteuk. All the hands in the room raised.

“Well then, welcome, Donghae-hyung,” Kyuhyun smiled.

“So we have a celebration here, huh?” suddenly a heavy voice came from the door.

An old fat man stood there with a cigarette on his right hand. Is this the CEO? Mr. Lee Sooman? Then this will be the anger scene from him? Donghae thought on his head.

“I’ve seen your performance,” the practice room went silent. “You know what? That’s the most terrible performance I ever seen,” the spoken man walk around the room. Stared at the 13 boys’ eyes.

“You know what you all lacking at?” he asked them. All the head bend down. No one was dare to looked back at the CEO’s eyes.

“Ryeowook! Answer me,” he pointed at the small man at the corner.

“I, I don’t know, Sir. We practiced really hard before,” trembling, he replied it.

“So what? You think because you already practice hard you’ll be perfect at the debut stage? You wish, kid,” he walked again. “Then what’s the matter? Nobody’s know? How about you, Heechul?” he stared at the long-haired guy.

“We’re perfect, Sir. We sang it well, we dance well, we gave a great fan services. Nothing’s lack. No one’s lacking,” he said it with his impolite tone and  glared back at the old man’s eyes.

“Great, Heechul-ssi. I admit you have the confidence. But let me warn you, over confidence isn’t a good act. Saying you all have no lack, that’s stupid,” he inhaled the cigarette on his right hand.

“Donghae-ssi. Can you help me. Tell me what you are lacking at,” suddenly Mr. Lee turned his glare to the brunette guy.

 “It’s the feel, Sir. We don’t have the feel on stage,” Donghae answered confidently.

“That’s right. You heard that, boys? It’s cold up there. On the stage. The fans cheer wasn’t hot enough to cover the coldness on the stage. What’s with you, huh? I’ve told you many times, feel it. Feel the stage.”


The practice hour has end. All the members have already left the room except for Hyukjae and Donghae. Donghae still packed his stuff without realizing a pair of eyes that watched him from the corner. Donghae just walked a meter when suddenly he heard a voice calling his name.

“Donghae. I need to talk to you,” Hyukjae walked while wiping the sweat from his body with a white small towel.

“What?” Donghae could feel something wrong from Hyukjae’s tone.

“Nothing. Just... how should I start it. You...” he looked deep at Donghae’s eyes. Like trying to found something unusual.

“W-what are you doing? What’s with the look?”

“Are you...” Hyukjae’s sentence got cut again. He looked at Donghae from top to toe.

“Is there something wrong with me, Hyukjae?” Donghae getting more nervous. What if he know it? What if he know that I’m not the real member?

“It’s just... I think you’re not you. How to say it? Just, something’s not going right. Do you feel it too, Hae?” Hyukjae frowned and looked up on the ceiling. Tried to remember something.

“What did you say? I can’t get it. Maybe you just too tired from the first stage we have. Let’s go back to the dorm and take a rest,” Donghae hurriedly grabbed his bag and left the room. Meanwhile Hyukjae still stood at the room with a curious look.

I can’t tell the truth to anyone. I don’t wanna back to the reality. I like being here. I like being an idol like them. I always want to be like those novel character.

“Wait, Hae!” suddenly Hyukjae grabbed his wrist and forcing him to stop. “I know it. This something-wrong-feeling. I know why.”



pstscrpt : third chapter people! i've finished it long time ago actually. just dont have the time to beta-ing, so i decide to post it without any beta. so sorry for maybe weird language. comments always be loved pals :)
2nd pstscrpt : FINALLY MY EXAMS ENDDDD!!! :))))) got a really hectic feeling yesterday. madly copying bunch of movies and dorama from my friends to spent on my holiday hahaaa. wait. still have college entrance examination. think later. WELCOME FREEDOM! :)


Tags: donghae, eunhae, eunhyuk, hyukhae, hyukjae, suju, super junior
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