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[Drabble] Secret Admirer

 Title : Secret Admirer
Pairing : HyukHae
Genre : highschool!AU
Rating : PG
Summary : Donghae talks about his secret love, Hyukjae.
Notes : not beta’d. I made it in 15 minutes due to my stress about final exams.

Alright. I admit it. I like him. No. I love him. I’ve loved him since the first grade. Since I’m a freshman. Since we became classmate. But I know he consider me only as a friend. Friend. Isn’t that hurt? I’ve been admire him since the first time I met him, and he only think about me as his friend. Maybe only as his acquaintance. A person who accidentally being his classmate and never more than that.

First grade. Heavenly, I became one of his close friend. Literally close. Like, we loved to sat at the back of class. We liked to skip some lessons together. We mostly being a team in most of the group assignment. That kind of close. Not close like he would chose me as his listener for his problem, talk to me about his family, and blah. Never. We were close in physical things not internal thingy. I never know how was his family, I never know how was his friend back in his junior high, I never know his ex(s).

And the destiny played it’s scenario on us. We became a classmate again on our second grade. Was this suppose to be a gift from God or a catastrophe? I was started to be braver to greet him. To talk to him. To laugh with him. More than other friends. I felt like, I’m his old friend so its normal for me to be closer than you all.

The last year. The class arrangement back to the first grade. We’re definitely being a classmate. Again and again. I knew that he have another lover. I knew it a little late. Most of my friend already know about this. They became a couple since the first semester of third grade. And I knew it after about 3 months later. Yeah I know how nerd I am. How did I feel? Nothing. I’ve already know how ‘charming’ he is. Lots people said that to me. Despite his weird appearing. He still has ‘something’. And this ‘something’ that can keep me admire him for this whole third year. Pathetic? No. It’s normal to have someone you adore, right?

I don’t expect my story will be like ‘First Love’ movie. A Thailand teenage movie that told about a girl who loves his schoolmate and apparently the boy loves her too since the first grade. Nah. I know how hard reality is. Okay. Honestly, sometime I wish for it. I wish my story will be like those cheesy lovey dovey movie. That he secretly loves me too. But everytime I thought about that, I always remember how impossible it is. The nobody me, and the somebody him. The setting is just really perfect. But not the plot. I have my own life plot. Way too different from those movie. I still don’t know the ending. Will my ending be a happily ever after with him? Or with somebody else?

pstscrpt : this is side effect of the d-3 final exams. it isn’t a true story people. well maybe some of it. i got the idea after listening to one of my dorm mate. screw my last post telling that i’m on hiatus. i’m not and i can’t. writing is one of my way to release the pressure on me. so, welcome back again to me! comments always be loved <333
Tags: donghae, eunhae, eunhyuk, hyukhae, hyukjae, suju, super junior
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