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[Drabble] Am I?

Title : Am I?
Pairing : EunHae
Rating : PG
Summary : Donghae's thoughts
Notes : please do not vomit because of the cheesyness


Let me say it. I dont love him. What's love anyway? Is it love when he says that he loves you? Is it love when he hugs you? Is it love when he holds your hand? Is it love when he kiss you? Love isnt that simple to describe. I think love is more than those cheesy acts. Actually I dont know either what's love mean.

"Hae, I love you," he says that with those pair of brilliant eyes.

I heard that many times. It's become an ordinary words in my days. But i still dont have the feelings. Those butterfly-in-your-tummy feelings. It just never happened. It wont happen.

"Hae, you are the love of my life. I never love anyone this much, except you," again, he says those lovey-dovey words to me. His bright smile always appear in his face.

"Hyuk, I've told you so many times, that what you feel now is wrong. You cant feel this way. You cant keep those feelings to me. You have to understand that," and this is the I-dont-know-how-much time I say to him.

I cant understand him. How can he keep that feeling to me while I always tell him that I never feel the same way he does?

"Hae, is it a matter when someone you love doesnt love you back? No. Love doesnt need it's feedback. If it's happen, it's just happen. No matter how hard you try to erase it, it'll always there. In your heart," he take a deep breath, "and so does my love for you. I dont need the same feeling from you. I just want you to know that I love you. I love you this much. I dont care whether you accept my feeling or not. I just want you to know it, Hae."

I cant keep my eyes of his. His eyes just so stunning that I cant help my self drown there.

And he lean a kiss on my lips. A sweet kiss.

Then I can feel it. I feel like something flying in my tummy. Is it the butterfly those people always talk?

Am I fall in love now?


pstscrpt : just finish my nth tryout this semester. biology. and i really suck at it. especially about the heredity topic. okay screw it.

2nd pstscrpt : this is my very first fic i made. i made it at desember 12th, 2010. the very first time my mind tormented to make a fic. still a raw project i think. comments will be loved of course :)

Tags: donghae, eunhae, eunhyuk, hyukhae, hyukjae, suju, super junior
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