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[Drabble] The Rule

Title : The Rule
Pairing : EunHae
Rating : G
Summary : Love, heaven, and hell.
Note : I made in the middle of my school exam. Then I decided to post it now special for the anchovy birthday. Happy Bornday, Lee Hyukjae. Thanks for being my inspiration. Thanks to be faithful with Donghae
—though it only in my mind.
And I made Hyukjae as the devil one because of his wild character in my mind. Sorry if you don't like it :)

1st rule. Never ever fall in love with angel.

I hate him. That’s what he always said to himself. In fact, he always adore him. His smile, his eyes, his hair, his white wings. Everything of him. Everytime he appeared, he can’t take his eyes of him. Totally glued at the georgeous creature. Paralyzed. The devil always said to him, the consequences of this thing called ‘love’ really unbearable. You’ll be in the hell of hell. Forever. Moreover if you stick this ‘love-thingy’ with ‘angel’.

He hate himself. He hate his destiny. Why should he became one of those cruel creatures? Those sinful creatures. Why didn’t he become one of those magical georgeous one? And he could freely love him. He could freely chat with him. He could freely hug him. He could freely kiss him.

He hate devils. And it always was, since the first time he fell in love with the white angel. He hate himself, the devil of devils.


1st rule. Never ever fall in love with devil.

This is totally wrong. Everything’s wrong. How could he feel it? He knew he’s full of love. But not for those creatures. They’re exist to be hated. He should hate them. He should hate him. They were never belong together. Their destiny were different. Way too far to become one. he should spread goodness, meanwhile he always did chaotic, hatred, anger, and those baddest things that probably exist.

But he couldn’t lie to himself. He tried zillion times to forget his feeling. Erase it completely from his heart. He couldn’t. He tried to hate his red eyes, his red hair, his black wings, and his horn. Still, it kept appear in his mind. He tried every way to forget it. The more he try to hate him, the more he love him.

He hate devils. And it always was. He hate him, the devil of devils. He hate him, his very own lover.


pstscrpt : a really short post. just wanna give a small gift for the dearest Lee Hyukjae. too cheesy right?

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