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The Different World (2/?)

Title : The Different World (2/?)
Pairing(s) : Donghae-centric, EunHae, HanChul
Rating: PG
Summary : Donghae was an ordinary highschool boys. He really loved to read. Even he wanted to be there, in the novel world. Then someday, it happened. He really there. Literally.
Notes : English not my native language, so please understand my simple grammar. Not beta'd. You'll find much wrong grammars and maybe misspelled vocabs.

“Donghae-ah, wake up. We have schedule today,” someone caressed Donghae’s back trying to wake him up.

“Five minutes more, Minnie,” Donghae lazily replied it back.

“Minnie? What did you call me? Yah, Donghae, you still dreaming, huh? Wake up!” the person pulled the blanket that made Donghae fell from his bed.

“That’s hurt, Minnie,” he whined and rubbed his bottom.

“Get ready now, or Manager-hyung left you alone in the dorm.”

“Manager-hyung? What are you talking about?” Donghae rubbed his temple, tried to got his consciousness back, and saw the person talking to him. He was a thin man. With a brown hair and a sharp nose. He could sense a mother feeling from that guy. “Who are YOU?” shocked, Donghae stepped a back and hit the bed.

“Who I am? You ask me who I am? You fucking kidding me, right? You sure you didn’t drunk last night? You look awful, boy,” he cupped Donghae’s face, tried to find something wrong with the boy.

“No, I, I, well yeah, I’m right. Can you leave me now? I need to get ready as you said,” Donghae awkwardly smiled.

Soon as the thin man gone, Donghae looked around the room. Tried to find some clue about what just happened to him. He found a picture of him above his bed. It did look like him. But he didn’t even sure he has taken that kind of picture before. Suddenly he heard a familiar tone. His cell phone. It was on a desk near the window. Leader Teuk appeared on the screen. He picked it up.

“Hello?” he hesitantly answered the call.

“No need hello, Hae! Come get down! We almost late for the rehearsal,” it was that man’s voice. The one who woke Donghae up.

Leader Teuk? It sounds familiar for me. Where have I heard it? Donghae hardly thought about it while he hurriedly grabbed some clothes to wear. Ah! Leader Teuk! Isn’t that the name of that character on the novel I read? How could he exist now? I mean, literally. The big question is, how could I ended up being here? I’m one of the character on the novel I read? You must be kidding me. Or am I dreaming? Donghae pinched his cheek. Still dreaming I think. He pinched harder. Shit! That’s hurt. Alright. So I’m not dreaming. Then, this is real? How can it be like th

The car’s horn honked loud outside the dorm. “Donghae! Three minutes or we’ll leave you!” Donghae have no more time to thought the reason he became like that. He rushed down and grabbed a carton of strawberry milk on top of the dining table. He didn’t mind the fact that it was a leftover.


“You should get ready faster, Hae. We’ll be in trouble if you still like this,” a red-haired guy patted on Donghae’s shoulder. Donghae realized the man has a pair of bright charming eyes despite of the weird shape. Weird shape eyes? Maybe he’s the ‘Eunhyuk’ guy. What should I called him? His stage nameEunhyukor his real nameHyukjae? Whatever. It isn’t a big matter, Hae.


“I won’t, Eunhyuk,” he replied it.

“What? Eunhyuk? You never call me like that. Did something happen with your head?” the Hyukjae guy narrowed the space between them. Donghae’s cheek turned a little red.

“No, I mean, I’m good, Hyukjae,” stuttered, he turned his look away from Hyukjae’s stare.

Donghae looked around at the van their riding. It was really full. No space for any other things. He sat at the second row. He turned his body to looked at the back. He was so shocked to see someone he knew.

“Minnie? You’re here too?” unsconsciusly Donghae said it a little bit too loud.

“Who do you call? Minnie?” a handsome guy with thick brow replied him weirdly.

“I mean, Sungmin. Yah, Sungmin-ah, you hear me?” Donghae tried to get the attention from the guy sat next to the window.

“No he didn’t, of course. Can you see that he use an earphone?” the handsome guy replied him again. “Sungmin, Donghae called you,” he poked Sungmin and pulled out one of the earphone.

“What’s up, Siwon?” finally Sungmin responded.

“Donghae called you,” Siwon told him as he pointed at Donghae.

“What?” Sungmin asked coldly towards Donghae.

“How could you be here too?” Donghae soften his voice so that the other members couldn’t hear.

“What ‘how’?” Sungmin asked him back. Still cold.

“You, me, how could we become one of the member of this group?”

“That’s because we’re chosen,Donghae. We auditioned first right? We’re lucky the CEO chose us as the one who’ll do it this year,” he answered it calmly.

“No, not that. I mean, how can we involve in the story? We’re on novel, right? Don’t tell me you didn’t know it,” Donghae hardly explained to Sungmin.

“What novel? What are you talking about, Hae? Are you nervous for today?” Sungmin asked confusely.

“Forget it, Minnie” Donghae turned his body again while shook his head.

“Minnie? How dare you call me like that?” Sungmin yelled to Donghae. But Donghae just couldn’t hear him anymore. He’s already drown in his own mind.

I can’t understand it. Minnie didn’t know it? Then, it’s only me who became ‘the guest’ at this story? How? How could Minnie involved without realizing it? And what will happen today? What did Sungmin mean with ’it’? Great. It’s more confusing than those math exams.


“Alright, kids. This is your first debut. Don’t make anything weird. I trust you. Don’t waste those practice you’ve done,” a big fat guy talked in front of the all 13 gathered guys soon after they arrived at the dressing room.

 What? Debut? This is just exactly same with the novel plot. Then, the Chinese guy, Hangeng won’t be allowed to perform later. Should I tell them?

“Err... guys, I need to talk to you something,” the other 12 guys turned their look to Donghae.


“What? It’s better be important or else we wasting our precious time for rehearsal just to hear you talking shit,” the long-haired guy respond it sarcastically. This must be Kim Heechul, the sarcastic feminine guy.


“It is indeed important. Very,” Donghae’s eyes didn’t lie. He utterly sure.

“Tell us. Quick,” the leader spoke.

“Well, it’s about this debut stage. We’ll have a little problem. One of us couldn’t perform on the stage,” he threw the look around the other guys who surround him now. “It’s you, Hangeng, hyung. They won’t let you go up on stage regarding your citizenship,” Donghae said carefully while looking to Hangeng.

Hangeng froze. He couldn’t speak a word. He knew it. He knew that this will happen sooner. The time when they debuted. He really did want to perform with all the members. But he couldn’t be selfish.

“Yah! What do you mean, Fish?? That won’t happen. It isn’t a big deal. It’s just a matter about different citizenship. So what, huh? I won’t believe your words. Guys, let’s go,” Heechul seemed very angry and walked hurriedly to the backstage.

Its okay, Hae. Heechul-hyung got easily mad when there’s something about Hangeng-hyung. You know they’ve been friends for years,” Hyukjae tried to cheer Donghae. “But actually I can’t believe your words either. You know, that’s too... harsh.”

“Next perform! Super Junior, please get ready in ten,” the PD-nim told them.

“Wait. You guys Super Junior? We need to talk,” suddenly the PD-nim turned back at them. “Which one is Hangeng?” he looked around to find the guy he search. “I guess it’s you, slant eyes,” he pointed at Hangeng. “I’m sorry, but the broadcast station doesn’t want you to perform now. Maybe next time.”

“Wait, PD-nim!” Heechul ran after the director but suddenly Leeteuk stopped him by grabbing his wrist. “Don’t. Face it. We knew before that it’ll happen,” Leeteuk embraced Heechul who started to sob.

“I’m okay, Hee. I don’t want to hinder you guys. Just go to the stage and promise me you’ll show them, and me, the best of you,” Hangeng smiled weakly while his left hand held Heechul’s right hand tight. The other member put their hand above them. Then the leader shouted their special greet. “We are...” all the members eagerly replied it back—except Donghae, “SUPER JUNIOR!”  

pstscrpt : another chapter people :) still trying to understand how to use livejournal. be nice please :)

Tags: donghae, eunhae, eunhyuk, suju, super junior
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